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Race Pool Rules


The cost is $45 per quarter. There will be 9 races each quarter and 4 quarters in the year. Winners will be paid out each week and at the end of each quarter. The total points are reset after each quarter. The money is due before each quarter.

Weekly Race Picks

  1. Six Drivers are picked in the order you believe they will finish the race.
  2. Pick who you believe will finish last (First Out).
  3. Guess how many points you will have.
  4. If you forget to enter picks for a week, your proxy will be used if you have one. If you don't have a proxy your prior weeks picks will be used. If your proxy OR prior weeks picks are used, you can NOT win the week, even if you have the lowest points.

Tie Breakers:

If more than one person is tied for the lowest scores, the following tie-breakers will be used in this order:
  1. First out. Whoever's first out picked finished further back will win.
  2. If both people had the same car first out, the number of points that they guessed will be used. Whoever guessed closest to their real score w/o going over will win.
  3. If both people guessed the same car first out, and number of points the money will be split.

How points are scored

You receive points based on the difference of where the driver finished to where you picked him/her (I doubt Shawna will ever qualify, but I'll leave that in there just in case).

There is also a Mercy Rule. This means that no driver can finish worse than 20th.

Here is an example of how a week is scored:
First2430th *19
First out45
Points1530 total Points
* In the example above the person only received 19 points for picking the 24 car because of the Mercy Rule. They received points as if the 24 car finished 20th, instead of 30th. This happens for ALL cars that finish below 20th position in the race.

How to enter picks

  • Internet: If your reading this, the best and easiest way to do it. Just make sure you create your account.
  • Via Email: Send your name, picks, first out and points to RacePicks@bucklemke.com.
  • Phone: Call Buck at (715) 693-5959 and leave a message with your name, picks, first out and points.

Pay out